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High School Prep

OUR MISSION STATEMENT:  To produce quality competitions for students.  The focus of the competitions will be on the students and their best interests. Quality judging, safety enforcement and a good educational experience will be the essence of our events. Utah high schools and high school prep programs are expected to commit to the following: “Every team can be a winner when it comes to sportsmanship.”  We expect all teams to follow the same standard as in all other sport competitions. 


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Rules & Score Sheets

"We have loved being a part of HSP! We began our switch two years ago- after a disappointing Covid year, we were so excited to get to compete.  The girls loved each competition and they loved being able to compete in multiple routines, instead of just one (with All Star). The Cheer Coaches at our local High Schools are very happy that the girls are now coming to tryouts with the experience and knowledge to cheer in High School.  This program prepares them for that."

Jeanine Nielson

 Elite Cheer Athletics

"This will be our 4th season competing with RC Competes. It has been SUCH a breath of fresh air, to find an environment like the one Lori, Kellie, and Stephanie have worked so hard to create! In the world of cheer, there is minimal competition opportunities out there, aside from All Star. HSP gives girls the opportunity to grow, learn, and HAVE FUN!! Safety being a top priority of everything we do, these ladies have worked incredibly hard! We will be with RC for years to come! Thanks ladies for ALL your hard work!"

Coach Chels

Sky Cheer Head Coach 

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